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23 things has been an eye opener to me. I had no idea about all the possibiliites that are out there. My favorites so far are the sites that can be used creatively, such as Flickr.

I really enjoy wikis. I set one up so that my students can enter journals online and discuss novels online. They are almost as excited about using the wiki as I am. My fear of the internet and technology is gone, and I cannot wait to add to the wiki so that more instant communication in the classroom can occur. -Candlestickmaker

TheWikiThing: I am somewhat familiar in that I've participated as a member of a couple of wikis, but found last spring that I wasn't competent enough to teach a unit based on this as the final product. It was a try at creating tutorials with an IPC teacher, and she ended up carrying the load, I felt bad. So, my first comment is that there are many little glitches that can occur that aren't run-of-the-mill snaffu's, but handling them is as easy as just accepting the not-always-reliable technology delivery at our schools and figuring out a work-around. My second thought is that I REALLY want to replace our very lame website with a wiki that will be managed by our entire staff and any students we can enlist. This is going to be a priority this schoolyear, maybe with a rollout date of Spring Semester.

Two things about 23 things. It has been much more time consuming than I anticipated, and I've actually enjoyed it and learned several things that will make my library more efficient and fun.

I really believe that wikis could be a great resource sharing tool for my school and the librarians in my district. So many email "discussions" fill our inboxes each day and take up our valuable time. Using a wiki, we could share information much more efficiently. Now, if only the district will allow us to use wikis at school!

23 things has been an amazing staff development class! I have learned so much and I LOVE being able to do it on my on time. Can't wait to take more classes this way. One thing is for sure, I knew very little about technology! This course is teaching me so much--I can't wait to use all my learnings in the classroom. I am enjoying this class! Kristen

This has been ane eye opening experience for me. If I had not traveled this journey, I would still be in the paper only world. The Internet has become more than a fad in our culture, it has become an industry that has taken over almost all other businesses and companies in the world. I am realizing that if I don't keep up with the digital age, I am going to limit my communication with my future grandkids! I was one who was scared of the unknown, and I still am; however, this is no longer an unknown for me, but a new adventure!!!! Thank you so much for recommending this to our profession!

I am overwhelmed with all the information in my head! My thoughts about the internet have been greatly say the least! I have really enjoyed the 23 Things although it might take a while for everything to sink in...lots of stuff to digest! Thanks! - Auntie K

I can trully say that I am very impressed with Wikis and 23 Things did a great job of giving me good examples. Ladyt

Mimi said: I look forward to using wikis in the classroom. If we lose time for classroom discussions, the wiki could be used for students to add ideas on their own time.

Even though my head is still spinning from learning all about technology this summer, I'm so glad that I stuck with it. I am still amazed by how much information is out there waiting for me to tag and give my 2 cents. I will be able to have so many more resources to use in my Library Toolbox from now on. Many thanks to the Spring Branch ISD Library Team for organizing this summer fun. You guys are awesome! - musicgirl

Wikis have kind of been the last frontier for me in the Web 2.0 world. It is like being on a subway and seeing the Wiki stop but never getting out to explore the site because you have been busy going to Blog and RSS and Podcast City. So I have gotten off and began to explore the city or the planet that is WIKI. It is,as I have seen and experienced, another useful tool for those of us working in libraries. I have created a WIKI for our department to work on goals for 2008-2009. Of course this one is private and internal. I am thinking about creating a wiki for the users of our automation system. I am waiting until I finish the 23 things so that I have more of an overview of available tools.

I do think it worth mentioning the "cult of amateurs" problem with WIKIs. We want our students to consult experts and if all they do is use these sort of social spaces likes blogs and wikis - there is a danger there that they will be misinformed. We need to know when to use them and when not to use them. And we need to teach them....

From looking at wikis, I can see how useful they would be to individual groups like classes, faculties, or even librarians. I wanted to add a link to Mad Chatter and Teri Lesesne's blogs on the Librarian Blog, but I thought what if they don't want their blogs posted here? It feels very strange to be able to access and change so much information. I can't help but worry about Darth bloggers who would intentionally destroy good work. I suppose you can limit who has access since I noticed one blog for a 10th grade class was protected.

It is a very interesting experience, and it really takes time to see all the benefits of access to Library2Play! Only time will tell how it can be used in the class. The best thing was sharing it with another teacher that is going to need to Wikis and such and now I could tell him where to go to get the information he needs to create one.

I can see lots of time saved by using a wiki to coordinate planning, schedules, notes, etc. I am moving along on my 23 things, learning more than I ever knew was out there, and looking forward to seeing what is left. I sure am glad I did this in the summer while I have more time to play, and hopefully can apply these things soon when school starts again!

I have finally seen the importance of 23 Things. When I first started the process I had no background information about any of this technology. It is now coming together; although, I have alot more to learn. I plan on digging deeper into the Things I have done in the past because I see more of the purpose

I know our librarian has set up a WIKI and I had no idea why. No I realize the value of information and ideas sharing without emails going here and there. I would love to set one up for my students to share and publish their research and computerized creations.

23 Things has been extremely helpful. It's fun and easy--I have learned so much already. Thanks for the opportunity! I am realizing, however, that it is important to continue to practice the new skills I've learned. That's right--use it or lose it!

WOW - this really is as easy as it looked! I love the idea of wiki's vs. all of those forwarded email chains I get when trying to plan a group event! Great idea!

From Laptop Learner - I went to a Big 6 Workshop a couple of years ago with Barbara Jansen and learned about wikis but have to admit that I haven't used them yet. I will definitely start using them and some of the other awesome tools I have been learing about this summer. My school is a quarter of a mile long from end to end, so the wiki is a perfect tool for me to use to collaborate with teachers. Sure beats having to run back and forth to their classrooms and much more efficient than e-mail. Teachers could also use wikis to plan - I have noticed that teachers are frequently doing similar things and could help each other without having to meet face-to-face. The librarian can help bring teachers together through technology since we are sometimes the only person aware of what everyone is doing.

I love 23 Things! It is so informational and easy to use. so self-explanatory without being elementary and condescending as some how-to sites can be. This sandbox, just like the ones we played in as children is especially fun. Check out my blog at and be amazed by the fabulosity!

I, too, am a fan of 23 Things and have recommended it to every teacher I know! I am amazed by the quality and quantity of information for each of the activities: I don't know how you all at Library Services selected the materials, but the balance of information is perfect -- I have never felt like the sources were over my head, nor have I ever felt like they glossed over necessary details. Thank you for all of the time and planning that must have gone in to this project! http://wwww.foolingwithwords.blogspot.combisd My Experience

Going through the lessons of Library2Play has opened up another world for me on the world wide web that I never knew existed. I have learned more than I could possibly imagine. There's some information that I want to start using immediately and others that I know I can use eventually.

It's been great! Visit me at

I agree. I am learning so much--it's mind boggling! Visit me at Since I teach a computer class, I will be able to incorporate many new things!!

There has been so much to learn - and play with - but I must move on to get finished on time. If nothing else Library2Play has made me aware of all that is available. Now I get to really look at the possibilities and decide what I want to do first. Can't do it all at once, but the possibilities are endless.

I'm really excited about all the new tools I've been introduced to!!

I'm enjoying Library2Play. Some Things, though, are taking a LOOOOOONG time for me to "get". I must not be concentrating...I'm multi-tasking... I'll be interested to see how many Things I put to use this year. mjc

I am already excited about the new tools and how I will use them in the library, but I have also been using them in my personal life. I am addicted to my Google Reader and must force myself to stop reading so much about personal interests like music, food, and baseball! As I was searching blogs I discovered How Books Got Their Titles. I find it very interesting; maybe you will too. A wiki would be a great way to communicate with other librarians (not just from your own district) to share ideas. Wikis can also be created for different subject areas to connect curriculum to lesson ideas and resources. KLG (Tech Alley).

Thing #16: 23 Things has been a great project for me this summer! I have spent a lot more time on this than I thought I would and have learned a lot! I'm really excited about using what I have learned in my classroom and I'm really excited about wikis. I keep thinking that my 3rd grade team could have a wiki and could put information, links, videos, ideas, etc. on it so that planning and sharing ideas becomes a lot easier. A lot of times our librarian has a lot of great ideas and resources to add to particular subjects as well, so she could be tied in to our wiki and add things as she wants. There is so much information out there. I'm pumped up about incorporating this into my classroom! I have included the link to my blog.