This page will accumulate a list of all the things we want in a Library:
1. Unique furniture like egg chairs at Looscan Public (they do not have to be wired)
2. A variety of seating areas and types of chairs.
3. Different areas or zones in the Library serving different functions.
4. Sound management ideas including spaces partially walled off with glass and arches (not close-able doors).
5. Print management like at Looscan Public.
6. Tables next to walls that have electrical plugs (and maybe wired for Internet).
6.a Collaboration booths next to walls for electricity (like those found in Princes Hamburgers)
7. Wireless everywhere.
8. The recycled tires a floor was more comfortable than tile but seemed more noisy than carpet and the wheeled chairs were begging to be raced across the floor.
9. Self-check-out was great. The RFID made it easier.
10. The Looscan Tree with acorns and birds was a good visual division of space as well as helping with sound management.
11. Looscan had good lighting but standard bulbs.
11 a. Our most recent Libraries have too low of lighting.
12. Lots of windows help. Skylights too!
13. Ability to eat and drink in the Library or at least drink with lids on cups.
14. Let students play on computers during their lunch unless someone needs them for research.
15. Computers with headphones and microphones to create blogs or listen to blogs.
16. Don’t assign seats and I let them get up and roam about and share what they are finding!
17. Signage should be clear, large in plain English and if about procedures written in positive justifying statements.
18. Consider shelving the series Easy books in Bins so the students can search by front cover.
19. Two doors, one for entrance and one for exit.
20. Color laser printer.
21. Not built in computer centers but lots of low flat surfaces at counters and tables.
22. When Libraries move the district should provide for lots of books size boxes.
23.a More trained staff
23. Muted colors not screaming yellow zonkers and exposed pipes is old.
24. Lots of correct level lighting.
24a. Lighting should be controlled by spaces so parts can be dimmmed while others are bright.
25. Library to be near the administrative complex, which should include the cafeteria, office, nurses area, front door (with a separate entrances as well) etc.
26. No “conference rooms”, “computer labs” or any rooms that have walls and doors.
Just a big space like I have now. We can use shelving to create the “areas” we need.
27. A counter with a SINK is very helpful since the library tends to be the meeting, eating place of the school.
27. More computers than we can possibly imagine.
28. Librarian office (small enough that another person would not want to move in).
29. Possible space for a clerk/tech, SIS etc. to collaborate with Librarian.
30. Workroom but how can it be useful to draw teachers but not so useful that the campus wants to turn it into a teacher workroom or parent workroom.
30a. A partial room with controlled sound for recording sound.
31. Walls with some glass between Library and halls.
32. A restroom in the library.
33. Computer software that allows the librarian to peek in on what students are searching, this way we can be a 2 places at once.
34. 100% ADA compliance with work stations, computer stations, shelves, doors, etc.
35. AV materials (audiobooks, DVDs) for student, staff, parent, community member check-outs. Housed in areas that are easily accessible (rather than a closet).
36. More AV materials such as audiobooks, MP3 players, portable DVD players, video games (Ring HPL has a Wii), etc.
37. A reading area that is comfortable and visually appealing for student use. This area can have unique seating, rugs, and unique decorations (lava lamps anyone?). How cool would a reading loft be?
38. No other people officing in the library!
39. No copy room in the library!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
40. A full time library assistant!
41. "Vision" software installed on Lib Admin computer so LMS can "see" every computer screen - already purchased for district!
42. No reading loft - please ! And no reading tree, castle or anything that kids are going to fight over who gets to use it. I have hormone crazed 5th graders and I shudder what they would do in a loft that wasn't in my line of sigtht!
43. A moveable Acti-Board
44. No "Kiva" - every kiva I've seem has morphed into storage space for AV equipment
45. No "little rooms" - all of which end up as dumping grounds and storage rooms for JUNK. Out of sight junk that never gets looked at again.
46. Everything should be able to be viewed from everywhere.
47. No columns