Team 5

Librarians for this team are:
1 high school Librarian = Sue Tallerine
1 middle school Librarian = Barbara Marchand
1 elementary Librarian = Jackie Livingston
1 elementary Librarian = Mary Miner
1 elementary Librarian = Karen Harrell
1 elementary Librarian = Susan O'Quinn

Be specific. Discuss all aspects of the question from various perspectives. Do some research if you want to. You have about 20 minutes for each question, although the first question should take less. Question 3 is the critical one that should take the most time. Write your answers on this wiki page after each question.

Question 1:
What hardware, software, infrastructure, resources, and training did you need to meet the needs of your students for assignments and/or curiosity in the ’07 school year? (Think in terms of information, tools [computers, software, databases, etc.], reading motivators, Library spaces, and training for you)