I am enjoying working on my 23 Things. Julia Paz
I really enjoyed using Image Chef so I am going to post one for y'all. Like many of you, I have had a lot of fun learning about all of these online tools and using them. I want to keep using them all throughout my library/teaching career!! Kirstin Todd

I've been living it up with this whole Library2Play thing! I had been wanting to figure out more about current technology, but just hadn't felt like I had the time to focus on it - Library2Play has proved otherwise. I feel like I have a smorgasbord of tools I can use now! I loved my little Wordle - and my voki, but since someone else posted their voki, I'll just give you a little Minnesota Nice! - Ms. Bellie

external image Mn+nice.jpg



Oct. 31, 2010 From: Selena in the UHCL Fall Technology Class.

Get a Voki now!

Check out my classroom wiki Georamsey

I'm totally doing this. I can't believe I'm using a Wiki when I just learned what one was ten minutes ago. I think Library2play is one of the most valuable learning tools for teachers out there. I've been teaching Reading/Language Arts for ten years now, and I've always felt behind with my knowledge of technology. Well, not anymore. I'm catching up. Watch out! Ms. B! (Saywhat)
I really love the wiki idea. I am thinking of doing this in my class! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!-CC

It is interesting to me to look at wikis, because this indirectly led to my signing up for library2play. I am an English teacher in a small town in Texas about 30 miles from Fort Worth. This year I went to the TCEA conference, and started chatting with the woman next to me in my very first session, which was about doing research papers using wikis. The woman was a librarian in the Spring Branch District and suggested I do this program. It has been incredibly informative and confidence-boosting for me. I think wikis could be incorporated in my class through combined research - for instance, I could have each student contribute notes to the discussion. As we discussed, we could have different students be taking notes for missing students, which could then easily be accessed from the web. (8/6/10)

I am thinking of starting a wiki for my students...right now I'm thinking quickly that it could be a sort of evaluation of what they have learned at the end of the week. Z
Flikr will be very useful tool for vocabulary, background knowledge, reading comprehension and much more. We can learn about experiences of others through their pictures. I chose these pics of a fair because I had a student last year ask me as we read a novel. Z

How cool and easy is this?!? I'm incredibly impressed and can't wait to see how this all turns out with my students in my classroom! Thanks for this :-) ~amylizzie01

I can't believe how many tools and sites are out there to make teaching more interesting, fun, and easier for me. 23 things (I'm only on # 16) has opened my eyes! Lovedogs.

This is a great review of my MLS classes. We focus a lot on Web 2.0 and how to use it in the classroom and as a collaborative tool. Great recaps! -Melissa

I am amazed at all the things that I am learining on the 23 things. Wikis seem yet another way to streamline communications among groups. This is an awesome tool for communication between group members and other classes to communicate with each other. Just another awesome way to use technology in the classroom.-Aggrad.

new to Wikis, but not as intimidated by them as I thought I would be. I'm thinking of ideas of how to use wikis in my classroom for a class project.

The Wiki tool will be useful for assigning group think/collaborate projects in my social studies classes.

My experience with "23 Things" has been mind opening. I have so many new ideas for class next year.

1. Set up a Ning for my students to journal
2. Use Wiki for students to compile information a an author
3. Use an onine image generator like cartoon you for students to create a graphic novel

And so much more. So glad I signed up for this class!

The 23 Things' project made me realize that there is a whole world of technology out there that I wasn't aware of, and I need to catch up with. I really like Delicious as a way to organnize favorite web sites and to access them from anywhere that has internet. I also like the Google tools that I created on my home page and I am getting more familiar with them. I liked joining the 23 Things as it gave me at least a background knowledge on a lot of technology tools.

This is a great way to get students to interact with one another maybe more freely than in class when faced with one another. It would also be reallly neat to use as a parent/teacher exchange on class activities in order to see if thier child understood the lesson then homework that was brought home for review.

This is very different then what I had expected. I feel as if I am contributing to a web page. One thing that bothered me when I looking through the wiki examples is things weren't current. The most current thing I found was 2008. I have a habit of dating my webpage when I modify it so those viewing it know that it is current information. Is this just a fad people were going through or are wiki's still being used? Mrs. Cardon (Andrea) 8/4/10

I have enjoyed participating in 23 things. I have learned about things that I had not used like RSS feeds and the image generators as well as wikis. I think that a lot of the things I have learned I will use in and out of the classroom. There are so many things that I can use in the classroom which will incorporate technology while my students have fun (I think at least). Marcela (8/4/10)

I look forward to using Wiki's to share information with my team. We have a lot on our plates this year, and this will save a huge chunk of time! CKohl (8/6/10)

I am doing 23 things and the wiki ideas are really flowing. Collaboration between colleagues would be so easy and getting written feedback from students after a lesson -- by writing out what they learned, I could use that input for quizzes/tests and the students could use it to review for the test. Light bulb!!! de (8/6/10)

I am really enjoying the things I'm learning in this online course. For the first time in a very long time, I'm actually gaining some useful knowledge that I can use in my classrooms. I'm impressed with how well 23 Things has been laid out and like that it has made me finally start a blog. C Price

Normally, I think of Wiki as a four-letter word. Now that I have been exploring, I am not so afraid of it anymore. I am certainly learning a lot from 23 Things!
N. Schwab

23 Things has been great for learning tools and exercises. Wiki is no exception.
C. Christopher

I have used wikis before but now I really understand what I am doing when I use a wiki. I have enjoyed and learned so much from the 23 Things this semester. I think it would be great to use a wiki in a library setting to let users know what is new in the library, and to have students and teachers review books. J. Lamb

One thing that I enjoyed about 23 Things was the trading card that was made back on #6, when we were introduced to Mashups. All of that was brand-new to me, and I had a lot of fun experimenting with it. 23 Things has been a really good assignment; what I am really excited about is that I will still have access to the 23 sites after this class is over. That way I can easily go back to the pages as a review before I begin a lesson with students. Below is the example of the trading card I made. Last year I had my 2nd grade students make a trading card of their favorite book in the library. I'd like to incorporate that idea into a Mashup trading card.
K. Gilmore
external image Library+trading+card.jpg

I really enjoy learning new things that I can use with my class.The thing I like best about doing the 23 things challenge is that it has given me quite a few new toys to play with. I can hardly wait to use the trading cards and I like the idea of being able to save my sites on delicious. I think my favorite came from the imagechef.com site. I really like the idea that my name is in the Batsignal. :)
Karen Kirk